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NEW! Espresso Blend

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Medium bodied coffee, with notes of malt, almond and milk chocolate.

Origins: Brazil 80% and India 20%


Brazil Mundo Novo 

Our green coffee bean buyer and roasters travel to this famous growing region in Brazil to select the best lots from this harvest each year. This coffee brings a creamy body, sweet flavours of caramel and almond with a clean, lingering aftertaste.

Cupping Score: 83
Varietal: Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,800 masl
Processing: Natural

India Sethuraman Estate

Historically Robusta has had a bad image amongst specialty coffee. This was all changed by the man behind this famous Robusta farm in India. Nishant Gurjer produces unequivocally the world's best Robusta and has been awarded this honour 8 times now. We are proud to travel to this farm every year to monitor the harvest and are proud to be the only Australian roaster who Nishant works with. This coffee brings huge body and a delicious bittersweet cocoa flavour.

Cupping Score: 81
Varietal: Q Certified Robusta
Altitude: 1,400 - 1,800 masl
Processing: Natural & Washed